A Highly-Experienced Crew

Helping you set direction & achieve strategic success

Sekstant is a crew of highly experienced individuals, who have sailed in fair winds and heavy seas, dense fog and sunny days: In other words we are very experienced and skilled in a variety of industries, functions and challenges.

It’s that collective experience that comes to bear in helping you set your direction and achieve strategic success.


Our Crew’s Expertise

• Strategy development
• Operations
• Financial
• Systems

• Marketing
• Human Resources
• Organizational Development
• Family counseling for business families

Captain's Bio

Kathleen Pytelski Sekstant

Kathleen M. Pytleski

I am passionate about a few things in life, one of them being sailing. In business, I’m passionate about strategy, innovation and leadership. I’ve spent a career bridging these three disciplines.

The interesting thing is, there are many parallels between sailing and business. If you’re the Skipper, you’d better be doing the leading; you’d better know where you’re going and be able to direct others on what to do so you can all reach your destination – and sometimes you kiss the ground when you finally arrive, thanking the heavens for saving your backside.

When you find yourself in heavy weather or something breaks down, you’d better be innovative. And in sailing as in business, you cannot control the wind, you can only adjust the sails.

For those who want to know. . .

“Sekstant” is a Polish word meaning “sextant” in English. A sextant is a navigational device used in celestial navigation to measure angular distances, especially the sun, moon, and stars, in order to determine your latitude and longitude. First produced in 1759 by John Bird, the sextant was the first device that could measure both latitude and longitude.

So this device can help you determine where you are, which then allows you to determine a course for where you wish to go.

Navigation: That’s what Sekstant is all about. We help you determine where your business is right now and plot the course to lead you to strategic success.

Want an Experienced Crew to Help You Navigate Challenging Issues?

Our crew of experts can help.