Business Planning — Defining the Future

Many companies believe designing the strategic plan is the ‘beginning.’ We contend determining where you are currently, should be the starting point. Like any journey, sailing or otherwise, knowing where you are is key to getting where you wish to go.

We help your team clearly identify where you are currently, both in terms of a competitive market position, as well as organizational alignment. Having this as a foundation, we help you define what future success looks like by focusing on targeted outcomes.

All companies have a natural evolution, and face numerous challenges along the way. Sometimes it can be difficult to recognize the extent of the challenge when you’re in the middle of it.

You may witness some of these symptoms:
• Struggling with growth – either too fast or not fast enough
• Revenue is consolidated in too few customers
• Declining margins
• Straining to catch up with competitors
• Losing customers
• Not adding new customers
• Customer service declines are evident
• More customers are complaining
• Employee turnover is high

The Results

• Agreement on strategic direction
• Getting the team on board
• A simple method to consistently define the 
competitive forces in your market
• Identification of your organization’s 
strengths and weaknesses
• An understanding of the type of change 
your company may need to address

The Targeted Outcomes

• Growth – increase revenues/profits
• Increase market share
• Create a stronger competitive position
• Create the desired organizational focus
• Improve effectiveness
• Create better operational efficiency
• Higher market valuation – preparing to sell the company
• Succession
• Risk management
• Turnaround

Case Study: Preparing a Company for Sale


The Situation

A business owner had built a notable services company over many years. In more recent years the company focused on a niche within its market. That focus produced incredible growth with the company doubling revenues every year over the past 3 years. The owner wished to build value in order to sell the company in the next 3-5 years and engaged Sekstant to assist.


The Results

Working with senior leadership, Sekstant created the strategic path to further growth, greatly improving profitability and operational efficiency. The company was able to continue to increase revenues at a rapid pace with fewer employees and to capture market share in the niche creating significant value for the company. The company was sold to a global competitor that wanted to expand its business in the niche market.

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