Charting Your Course with Sekstant

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Business Planning — Defining the Future

Many companies believe designing the strategic plan is the ‘beginning.’ We contend determining where you are currently, should be the starting point. Like any journey, sailing or otherwise, knowing where you are is key to getting where you wish to go. Learn more >>

Implementation — Operationalizing the Future

The most difficult aspect of strategy for most companies, is the implementation. Having strategic goals is a good start, but now you have to put them into motion. The key to successfully implementing your strategy is to embed it into your daily operations. That takes focus and discipline throughout the organization. Learn more >>

Organizational Alignment — Organizing the Future

There is a comprehensive framework supporting and integrating the key elements of every business: people, process, and information. Organizing the company to compete effectively in its market is a critical component of operationalizing strategy. Does your organization require a high degree of collaboration in order to respond to the needs of the market? Or does it require a more process driven approach? Learn more >>

Leadership Development — Governing, Leading & Managing the Future

Once you’ve defined your future, the organization needs to be able to rise to the occasion of making that become a reality. Leaders, managers and the governing body must all be aligned in order for the organization to be successful in achieving its goals for the future. Governance is the process of providing strategic leadership. It entails the functions of setting direction, making policy and strategy decisions, overseeing and monitoring organizational performance, and ensuring overall accountability. Learn more >>

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