What if we don’t change at all and something magical just happens?

I saw the title of this blog in a cartoon yesterday and it not only had me laughing, but had me thinking about strategy. And as a friend and colleague of mine also says “Hope is not a strategy.”

While many companies will most likely not consciously say this, by their actions, this is exactly what they’re planning on – or more precisely they’re not really planning at all! Big mistake – HUGE. Let’s just keep doing what we’re doing and something different will happen. Oh yeah, that’s gonna work.

We typically get involved with companies because they’re feeling some kind of pain. That’s when they finally decide they need some outside help. The market has changed around them, they don’t seem to be able to grow or don’t know how to grow, margins are thinning – the list goes on.

When things aren’t going well or need to go differently, you’re going to need to change. That is not easy. It requires steadfast leadership and a constant eye on that distant target you’re shooting for. It requires change on your part personally and it will require change on just about everyone else around you.

When the magic really happens, it will be because you had a plan, you stuck to the plan and you made the magic happen.


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